How to Open a Total by Verizon Store?

It is worth noting that overtime the telecommunication industry in the United States has accumulated a rich history. Right from the very basic voice communication dealing with complex ecosystems, the industry has grown and covered different aspects such as wireless technology, broadband internet, and satellite communications.
Today, starting your own business or venture in this industry turns out to be quite profitable. The last decade has been a perfect witness to the growth and constant demand of technological devices. If planned out properly, this step can turn out to be a dedicated revenue stream. Choosing the right franchise at the right time turns out to be a calculative decision as it involves numerous parameters that are to be looked into.
If you are someone who is looking forward to tapping into this zone, then you are in the right place.. This treatise will give you a complete idea about how you can open a total by verizon store at ease and how you can generate significant revenue.

Why Open a Total by Verizon Store?

Today, the brand turns out to be a lucrative business opportunity in the telecommunication sector. As a market brand, Total By Verizon has a significant customer base, and strong recognition.

Investing in Total By Verizon is a smart choice that not only helps to cover benefits, but also numerous growth benefits to scale up the business at ease.

Requirements to Open a Total by Verizon Store

Planning to setup a store demands a certain set of steps to be implemented, which includes the following:

To find out if you quality, check the requirements below – 

Financial Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate the financial ability to invest in a new business, possessing liquid finances for an initial investment of $70,000 to $100,000 per store.

Background Checks

Background checks will be conducted on all prospective owners and principals.

Total By Verizon Exclusivity

As an Exclusive Dealer, you are expected to exclusively sell Total by Verizon plans and devices, as well as approved third-party accessories. Exclusive Dealers are not permitted to sell products or services from any competitive carrier.

Dealer Growth

We are seeking Exclusive Dealer candidates who are interested in growing a multi-unit retail operation. They must expand in the areas determined by Total by Verizon, supporting big-picture distribution and retail planning business needs.

Opening a Total by Verizon store widens up endless opportunities as it stands to be a proven business model with strong franchisor support.
As the demand for innovation and wireless technology keeps expanding, investment in the same provides a solid foundation for growth, and opens up an immediate advantage to grabbing the customers across the broad category of products and services it holds.
If you are looking forward to taking a step, ADN is here to help you to get started. We stand as authorised partners of Total by Verizon, aiming to bridge the gap between the franchisees and the franchisor.